E N G L I S H     V E R S I O N           Р У С С К А Я     В Е Р С И Я

M A I N R E P E R T O I R E N E W S / P R E S S    R E L E A S E C A S T C O N T A C T    U S

Comedy of hopeless situations

At the prestigious Hotel Santa Banda, a destination known for its rich and glamorous guests, our heroine, the adventurous Dixie Cavanna spreads her charm.
It seems everyone falls into her cleverly placed trap, and all that is left for her to do is to decide which of these victims to con into becoming her sugar daddy sponsor.
But fate suddenly confronts her with the man who truly loves her and their son...
What is more important money or love? Turns out there's always more then one crook around!
The once fail poof plans Dixie had suddenly fail to work...