E N G L I S H     V E R S I O N           Р У С С К А Я     В Е Р С И Я

M A I N R E P E R T O I R E N E W S / P R E S S    R E L E A S E C A S T C O N T A C T    U S

Elixir of Life
Fantasy comedy based on Karel Capek's "The Makropulos Affair"






Emperor of the Kingdom of Naples, Vladislav would extend its life at least three hundred years. To do this, he forced the Greek physician Popandopulos produce the elixir of immortality and try it on her own daughter - Evelyn. But how to check acted elixir or not? After all, you need to wait for the results of three centuries ... The doctor and his daughter run away from the tyrant with the mistress of the Emperor ...